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Coil Packaging Line

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Coils are transported onto the saddle-type chain conveyer of the coil packaging line by a coil transfer. And then, the wrapping paper is cut according to the length and width of coils and the type of the wrapping paper and fed automatically by the paper dispenser. And finally, the coils are sealed by paper folding.

As the coils are moved pitch by pitch by the chain conveyor, packaging work is done step by step.

As the coils are lifted by a coil lifer, a steel sheet dispenser system applies and wraps steel protection sheets around the coils automatically. And then, inner and outer protection rings are applied.

Next, the coils are strapped on its outer circumference automatically by the circumferential strapping machine. The Eye Strapping Machine straps the coils through the eye of the coils automatically.

Finally, after the center outer diameter strapping machine straps the coils on the center of its circumference, the coils are transferred by a coil shifter so that they can be moved to the dispatch station by an overhead crane.